Summer Intensive Montessori Music Training with Matilda Giampietro, PhD

New England Center for Montessori Music Training

Washington Montessori School

240 Litchfield Turnpike

New Preston CT 06777


July 20-24, 2015


This exciting, week long course is for Montessori music teachers and for classroom teachers of 3 to 6 year old children and 6 to 9 year old children. Expect a refreshing, stimulating week! You will go home with much better understanding of the Montessori Music Materials including Bells, Tone Bars, green boards, notation and rhythm materials. You will bring home a treasury of new songs, games and dances. Come join us!

The course offers training and experience in working with the Montessori Music Materials and with a great collection of children’s songs, rhymes, poems, stories, exciting singing games and dances.

Exploration of music and movement is very important in a Montessori classroom. We will discuss of the newest findings on music and its effect on people, on the developing brain, on communication and how music creates connections between people.

Participants will be shown how to build a music program. We will explore the components of a successful music class, the way to present songs and materials, what materials to present and how to use the songs, rhymes and singing games class by class, through the year. You will learn how to work with the Montessori Bells, the green boards, the tone bars, when to do individual presentations and how to use these materials if you are working with a group of children. If these are things you want to learn, come join us! You will be glad you did.     

"Matilda brings song, dance and joy to teachers and students. Her gifts create community, add laughter and empower all she touches!"

-Carole Korngold, Founder of CMTE, AMS Past President and Living Legacy