“Matilda brings song, dance and joy to teachers and students. Her gifts create community, add laughter and empower all she touches!”

                       Carole Korngold, Founder of CMTE , AMS Past President and Living Legacy


I must tell you how wonderful your workshop was, and the great experiences it has brought to me and to my students!  I "sing" your praises far and wide!  I think my all-time favorite has to be "Head & Shoulders, Baby"--I have literally had crowds gathered at my classroom door when we were singing that song, because of the sheer joy the kids have in singing it.  Another favorite is "Five little bunnies in a bakery shop," especially because we love to have lots of dramatic tears and wailing at the end, when there are no more bunnies!  I have seen so much joy come to children through music; I think it has been the highlight of my Montessori career.  So, THANK YOU for your gifts, and your inspiration!

         Diana Yates, Franklin Montessori workshop participant, Washington DC

From CMTE Music Training Course Participants:

"I thought you were just amazing! What stamina! I'm going to bring home some great songs to my kids (both at home and at school) thanks to you! Thank you - you're fantastic!"

Stacey McDonald


"This presentation was wonderful! I learned a great deal about music ... Thank you so much for your presentation and your wonderful voice. PS Please send me more songs!"

Dana Vazquez


"I was very tired after two big practicums finished. But today's music brought me back to life. I really enjoyed singing and dancing. Especially the bell work - I didn't have a clue how this worked. Now, after your bell presentation, I know how to give lessons, and I can't wait to take them out in my class."

Anita Patel


"Your love of music rubs off, and the variety of your songs is excellent."

workshop participant


"I thought this was a great workshop; there was a perfect balance between movement and dance and songs. I learned many wonderful songs, and can enrich my class."



From Volusia County, Florida Superintendent of Schools:

"It was so wonderful to have you back in Volusia County. Your sessions were inspiring and exactly what we hoped our teachers and child care workers would hear. I have to admit that I sang all weekend long. While I was using the string trimmer amid the record breaking heat and smoke from nearby brush fires I could not help singing 'Scotland's Burning'! (my neighbors must really wonder about me now!)"

"Many of the participants who attended your sessions also attended a workshop entitles "Brain Research and Implication for the Classroom" on Monday. It was so wonderful for those presenters to follow you, because they reinforced everything you did. They used music through the whole session and even included a half hour on their agenda specifically regarding the effects of music according to the latest brain research."



Comments from workshop evaluations:

  • Excellent!

  • Very knowledgeable, very professional. Extremely surprising and enjoyable.

  • Excellent! A positive way to assist children in learning!

  • The presenter was excellent ... one of the best workshops I have ever been to.

  • A wonderfully pleasant experience! Would love to have this lady on staff at my school.

  • Appreciate the tape you made and look forward to the video. There is so much material to remember.

  • Great! I now know how to incorporate math with music patterning.

  • We need a video presentation. Can't be soon enough.

  • Lots of fun - very informative.


From Keystone Montessori, North Chelmsford, MA 2 day music and movement workshop retreat for all school faculty:

  • Great wealth of information; would love to have you back on a regular basis.

  • Wonderful to meet the much vaunted Matilda! Fabulous workshop, the one I have enjoyed most so far! Very applicable, I have a list already of the songs and games I want to start doing with the children tomorrow.

  • This was phenomenal! It was a great way to bond the upstairs and downstairs staff ... We would like to have you come again.

  • Excellent workshop. I love all the rhythmic dancing and co-operative movements. Very nice style of teaching the movements.